Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: The Perfect Match? (2024)

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Love compatibility of Virgo with Pisces

A relationship between Virgo and Pisces can be full of surprises but also very unstable. In fact, a union between earth and water is a union of opposites and these two signs live in completely different worlds.

Virgo is very pragmatic, with their feet firmly on the ground, and a life that is always prudently and competently organized. For their part, Pisces is totally impractical, spending their time daydreaming and following the dictates of their intuition and mood. Pisces' mood fluctuates a lot which destabilizes their Virgo partner.

If they fall in love, it is because Virgo has fallen for Pisces' charm and the water sign appreciates the earth sign's shyness and outstanding organizational skills. Alas, their differences will quickly make themselves felt. If they can talk to each other, they can overcome their difficulties and find a way of living happily through understanding that their differences are actually very complementary.

However, with the best will in the world they cannot work miracles if Pisces continues to be elusive and utopian when Virgo needs someone much more stable in their life. Virgo finds it difficult to understand a sensitive being like Pisces who finds it hard to adapt to the constraints of everyday life and the earth sign can be very hurtful in the words they use to try and shake the water sign up and make them face reality.

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stability, intuition, patience

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daydreaming, flight, criticism

Communication and emotion between Virgo and Pisces

Even if they come from two different worlds, communication between Virgo and Pisces is smooth enough when they take the trouble to exchange opinions. The water sign is the perfect partner to help Virgo stop their compulsive analyzing and free them from their constant fear of failure or their conviction that nothing they say or do has any value. Virgo sorely lacks self-confidence and self-esteem, so Pisces makes every effort to give them a sense of inner security.

For their part, the earth sign does their utmost to help Pisces make their ideas concrete because Virgo knows Pisces is full of untapped talents that just need to be brought to the surface. Although Virgo has to force Pisces out of their torpor, later on Pisces will realize it was the right thing to do. In these two signs, emotions are often blurred, poorly expressed or downright silenced. This can end up separating them after a few years because they can no longer find a balance between their dreams and reality.

Trust between Virgo and Pisces

Virgos are suspicious by nature; they rarely trust people completely and they are even more distrustful of the person who shares their life. Their greatest fear is being betrayed and Pisces' ever changing moods and desperation to avoid serious discussions does not make things easier. In order for them to have a healthy relationship, they would need to be totally honest with each other. Even though they hate the idea of lying, a lack of dialogue means they can end up hiding things from each other which will undermine their relationship.

If neither of them has the strength to talk about what annoys them, it is not uncommon for their life as a couple to be punctuated with deception. Some see that as a pinch of spice that will revive their relationship, but others consider it to be a point of no return. In essence, it depends on whether they want to continue together or not.

Intimacy and sexuality of Virgo with Pisces

Even though Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, they are often strongly attracted to one another. The advantage in this partnership is that the water sign understands that shy Virgo will try to rationalize their sexuality as they do all other areas of their life. The earth sign finds it impossible to give free rein to any animal instincts and embarrassment often prevents them from letting themselves go completely in the arms of their partner.

For their part, Pisces does everything to put Virgo at ease and make them understand that they have as much right as anyone else to take advantage of all the pleasures that life offers. The water sign knows how to wait patiently until Virgo can free themselves from their preconceptions. In addition, Pisces has the ability to instinctively understand what Virgo expects and knows how to give them exactly what they want.

Compatibility in love

A Virgo man with a Pisces woman: Miss Pisces is sweet and romantic but is not a great homemaker. This does not bother Mr Virgo very much at the beginning of the relationship when he appreciates the imagination and creativity that she can bring to his orderly life. Over time, their differences can end up bothering them and affecting their relationship. Mr Virgo, is often disappointed by his loved one's behavior and may well have enough of Miss Pisces living permanently in a dream world. Given their lack of dialogue, it's not uncommon for these two to end up behaving like strangers living under the same roof.

A Virgo woman with a Pisces man: in this partnership Mr Pisces relies heavily on Miss Virgo to look after the boring realities of everyday life. She is quite willing to do so as long as Mr Pisces offers her the gentleness and emotional security she expects. However, as the years go by Mr Pisces, the eternal dreamer, only thinks of his own needs and may even decide to stray from time to time. It is common for these two signs to fall into a monotonous routine, but rather than separate they will each maintain their own life while giving the illusion of a stable home when seen from the outside.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility: The Perfect Match? (2024)
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